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About CJ

Hometown:  Park Falls, WI - Hayward, WI

Residence:  Rice Lake, WI

Birth Date:  09/24/1992

Age:  25 

Occupation: Mechanic 

Family:  Savannah (Daughter), Carter (Son) Renee (Mother), Breanna (Sister), Tim (Half Brother) In loving memory of Dad (Jim)


Born into a racing family, I got my racing career started at the age of 5 competing in mini 120cc snowmobile races.  I achieved over 60 snowmobile feature wins throughout ice ovals, ice drags, grass drags, and snocross.  This included races on Kitty Cats, Mini 120s, Pro Sprint Ice Oval, and Snocross machines.  Since 2009 and making my last snowmobile race appearance in 2011, I have left the snowmobile racing world and focused all of my attention on my stock car racing.  

Ever since the first time I attended a stock car dirt track race, it immediately got my attention and I knew that some day it was what I was going to do.  In 2000 I began racing dirt track go-karts, the stepping stone to getting the experience to race stock cars.  In the 2 seasons that I competed in go-karts, I achieved 7 feature wins in 2000 in the Junior Sportsman Light division and 1 feature win in 2002 in Junior 1.

Memorial Day weekend of 2007 at the age of 14 I finally made my first stock car racing start at the Rice Lake Speedway in the Pure Stock division.  This was the most competitive and fierce form of racing I have ever competed in and after all the hard work and learning, I picked up my first feature win on Labor Day weekend of 2007.  I have achieved 13 feature wins in my stock car career along with 30+ heat wins, and top 10 and top 5 finishes almost every time I’m on the track.  I achieved one of my largest goals by earning the 2013 Rice Lake Speedway Pure Stock Track Points Championship!  

While my main focus is on the stock car racing, I have also competed in some demolition derbies since 2010 and have also competed in the Hayward Dirt Dash Races since 2009.  In 2013 I began racing ice oval cars in the winter in the Rear Wheel Drive class in Rice Lake and Chetek.  I had a successful first full time season in 2014 achieving 1 feature win with 6 heat wins!

My goal is to succeed in every type of motorsports competition that I compete in by winning many races and championships.  I am very goal oriented and always want to do things the right way and always have time for the important people and things in life while having fun. 

In my 2016 street stock rookie campaign I competed in 27 shows at 5 different tracks, finishing in the top 5 about 40% of the time and the top 10 about 75% of the time.  I earned the Rice Lake Speedway and Eagle Valley Speedway rookie of the year honors finishing 7th at Eagle Valley Speedway, 6th at Rice Lake Speedway, and 5th at St Croix Speedway in season track points.  I also finished 6th out of 69 in national WISSOTA rookie points and 71st out of 446 in overall WISSOTA national points!  I also competed in 5 WISSOTA midwest modified races in 2016!  

For the first time in my stock car racing career, I was not a car owner in 2017.  I competed in six pure stock races between three car owners, with two top five feature finishes and a heat win!  It was also my last year competing in demolition derbies and dirt dash races.  I achieved a 3rd place finish, and 2 second place finishes along with a heat win in the derbies and a 3rd place feature finish at the Sawyer County Fair Dirt Dash Race!   

For 2018 and beyond, my focus is strictly on stock car racing in the WISSOTA Street Stock division!

I enjoy a lot of things in life just like anyone else, my kids will always come first and they are my biggest enjoyment in life, but what strapping into a race car feels like is not replaceable anywhere.  For those that don?t know what it feels like, just think of what gives you the most thrill, joy, and excitement, now try to imagine it even 10 times better, and you still don't know what it feels like.

I don't go on vacations, I don't hunt or fish, or many of them kind of things, because every time I pull into a race track and strap into that race car, I'm on vacation, nothing else matters them 3 or 4 nights a week.  After the bills are paid the rest of my money goes into racing because nothing else can give me that thrill, that craving!  There might be a bill due at the end of the week, payday comes, but I will put that off un till Monday, and hopefully have a good run and at least win the money back or more.

One thing that really irritates me is someone saying something along the lines of "racing is a waste of money".  Well what is the difference of spending money on a snowmobile, atv, or boat?  In racing you are at least winning some money back and having the thrill of a lifetime!  It is also a great passion that I share with my kids.  My daughter Savannah may be only 3 years old but she already has a huge passion for racing.  Its very easy to tell that she loves it and is very happy at the race track.  I love being able to share that with her and have big dreams of her future racing career.

What tops it all off is being able to win.  When all of the work, time, money, and effort comes together at one time, to be able to out drive 20 other competitors and get that feature win, that?s even more of an unexplainable feeling!  All that matters Is that little feature winner sticker, you?re the talk of the night and the following week.  Friends text their buddies at the track that couldn't make it and ask who won? Cause nobody cares who finished 2nd.

Everyone needs that one thing in their life that drives them, your life is centered around, something you set goals for yourself.  This is where the term "its more than a sport it's a way of life" comes in, which couldn't be more true than in racing.  You wake up excited thinking about it, struggling through the work day remembering what your goal is and it drives you to do your best.  It's the center of talk with your closest friends, the shirts you wear, the stickers on your vehicle.  Nobody is going to hand you anything, instead of playing your dreams on a game console, go out and do it!

I don?t let the haters, shit talkers, or heart breakers get to me.  I tell them how it is and then use it as motivation.  I tend to and like to get along with everyone.  My kids have taught me a lot more patience that I used to have.

To be a successful race car driver  you have to have talent at multiple things.  PR person, engineer, fabricator, welder, mechanic, and of course the talent to drive and control something that is out of control inches apart from other competitors all looking to cross the finish line first and finding a way to out drive them.  I'm not only a driver, I'm also a racing fan.  Perfection is a moving target.  I listen, I research, and I try.  I watch other drivers like Buzzy and implant that into my brain.  There's always a way to improve!

There's just nothing like dirt track racing, the smells, the sounds, the sights, the people, its all so great.  You bring the dirt, the dust home with you, its just something that you cant experience anywhere else!

I raced snowmobiles for many years, go karts, demo derbies, ice racing, dirt dash, and I love stock car racing the most out of all of it and am strictly focusing on just that from now on. 

My dad of course got me into racing and helped me out a lot.  But every since the age of 16, with personal differences and things going on in our lives, we parted ways, and I have been doing all of this on my own with the help of some friends at times.  My dad and I were able to renew our relationship before he passed away in May of 2016. 

I raced pure stock for many years, I won a lot of races and was always a top 5 finisher.  I needed a new challenge in racing, in 2016 I moved up to street stocks, even being very under funded we were still competitive, even tried a b mod too, now that?s a rush.  It was really hard going the season without a win, the funding just wasn't there, I sold out, I had to.  Then I was only able to run 6 races in 2017 for 3 different car owners back in pure stock, got a heat win and 2 top 5 feature finishes, it felt great but man it sure was hard to spend more nights watching in the stands than in the car.  For 2018 I want to be back in a street stock, all personally built by myself, its been a dream of mine for a long time, I want to be the guy to beat, and I'm determined to make it happen!

CJ's Racing Career Highlights

-2017:  6 pure stock races, 2 top 5?s, 1 heat win.  3 demo derbies, 1 dirt dash race.  

-2016:  27 street stock races, Rice Lake Speedway & Eagle Valley Speedway rookie of the year, 5 Midwest modified races

-2015:  Top 5s in all 19 feature starts with 4 feature wins and 6 heat wins!  
2nd in Rice Lake Speedway Season points.  1 feature win and 3 heat wins in ice car racing!  4th in points at both Rice Lake and Chetek and 3rd in combined in ice racing!

-2014:  3 feature wins, 9 heat wins, 3rd in points at Rice Lake Speedway! 1 feature win and 6 heat wins in ice car racing!

-2013:  Rice Lake Speedway Pure Stock Track Points Champion, 2 feature wins, 9 heat wins!  First year competing in ice car racing in the rear wheel drive rubber class!

-2012:  Successful part time year in Pure Stock with 1 feature win at the Firecracker Special!  2 demo derbies.  1 Poormans race win.

- 2011:  14 top 10 finishes, 9 top 5 finishes, 1 feature win, 2 heat wins, 8th in season points In part time Pure Stock season.  2 demo derbies, 2 Poormans race wins.  First full size snocross races - 2 wins. 

- 2010:  Many top 5 finishes, 4 heat wins, and 1 feature win in part time Pure Stock season.  3rd place finish in first ever career Sawyer County Fair Demolition Derby.   2 Poormans Races. 

- 2009:  Top 10 finish in every feature and 2nd place in season points in full time season at Rice Lake Speedway in Pure Stock.  1 ice oval snowmobile win.  Competed in first Poormans Race.

- 2008:  Top 10 finish in every feature and 4th place in season points in full time season at Rice Lake Speedway in Pure Stock.  2 snowmobile grass drag wins.  Multiple ice oval racing wins.

- 2007:  First year racing cars in Pure Stock division.  6 top 10 feature finishes, 1 feature win on Labor Day Weekend Invitational.  Undefeated full time snowmobile ice oval racing season.  Northern Ice Oval Racing Series Driver of the Year.  

- 2006:  Multiple mini 120 snowmobile wins.  First year racing full sized Sprint ice oval sled, 10 wins.

- 2005:  1  Mini Champ Open 120 win in limited schedule.

- 2004:  Winterfest Champ 120 champion, limited schedule.

- 2003:  Mini Champ Open 120 Winterfest Champion.  Multiple mini snowmobile wins.

- 2002:  Undefeated full time mini snowmobile racing season in 4 different classes.   M.S.R.A Driver of the Year.  1 go-kart feature win in Junior 1 division at Superior.

- 2001:  Kitty Kat Mod Winterfest Champion.  Multiple mini sled wins.

- 2000:  First year racing go-karts in Junior Sportsman Light Division.  7 feature wins.

- 1999:  Competed in first ever Eagle River World Championship 120 snocross race.  1st place in 120 and  Mod Kitty Kat Eagle River World Championship Grass Drags.  Multiple ice oval and grass drag races.

- 1998:  Multiple 120 Grass Drags wins.

- 1997:  First ever race, ice oval 120, Athens, WI.  Spent all my free time practicing on my mini 120 snowmobile.


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